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M|8i Bundle (8xMR, Card, Dongle)
M|8i Bundle (8xMR, Card, Dongle)
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S|40E Bundle (4xMRE on a single SERIAL)
€ 2 195,00

The S|40E is a software bundle that includes four (4) licenses of MovieRecorder Express in a single serial number.


  • The 4 licenses are NOT provided on a dongle anymore, if you want them to be on a dongle, you will need to order one.
  • Licenses can not be split! This software package is meant to be used on one single computer, and thus the licenses are provided as one serial number, and can not be split.
  • Requires MovieRecorder Express version 4.4 or later. Earlier versions will only see one license

ABOUT MovieRecorder Express
MovieRecorder Express captures video using a video device from AJA, Blackmagic-Design or NDI sources. Video clips captured using MovieRecorder Express can be edited during the actual ingest, making it very handy for live sports editing. Additionaly you can schedule your recordings.

You need one license per channel (input), as this is a bundle of 4 channels, if you need to use 8 channels, you should order 2 x S|40E. You can mix different types of licenses, so if you need 6 channels for example, you can purchase 1 x S|40E and 2 x individual MovieRecorder Express licenses.

By default, when ordering a license, you will receive a Serial Number by email that will require an activation using an internet connection. Before moving your serial number to another computer, you will need to deactivate it form the first computer. But we strongly advise that you order the dongle option in case of a critical use of the software, if you need to move your license frequently from one computer to another, OR if you want to quickly move the license from the main computer to the backup in case of a crash of your main computer.

For more information on the activation/deactivation process or the dongles, you should have check the Knowledge Base about our licenses available on the Softron Support Desk.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 29 March, 2022.
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