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M|8Re Bundle  (8 x MRP + Card + TB Chassis)
M|8Re Bundle (8 x MRP + Card + TB Chassis)
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Crossgrade: OnTheAir Video Express 3/4 vers OnTheAir Video 4
$ 1,495.00

(Note that OnTheAir Video 4 is not available yet as a release version.)

This upgrade is for proud owners of license(s) for OnTheAir Video Express (3 or 4) and who want to upgrade to OnTheAir Video 4.

NEW FEATURES (in OTAV 4 compared to OTAVE 4)

  • Scheduled playout
  • Dynamic Graphics Overlay (Paid Option)
  • Secondary Audio Output
  • Smart resize and graphics
  • Live Clips (using AJA, BMD or NDI input)
  • Streaming Clips (using RTMP input)
  • Audio gain and routing
  • Closed Captioning and Subtitle (Paid option)
  • MIDI integration
  • REST API integration
  • AppleScripts integration

Note that if you upgrade from OnTheAir Video Express 3, there are even more new features:
  • Video Preview + Audio Vu-Meters
  • Automatic Folder-based Playout
  • Automatic Randomization
  • New Stream Deck Editor
  • Rename clips

  • If you are using a Serial Number, it will need to be deactivated before we can generate a new license for OnTheAir Video 4. Ideally do the deactivation before placing the order, and in the comment, indicate both your serial number, and that it has been deactivated. Once the order is received, and we have confirmed the deactivation of the original serial number, we will send you a new serial number for OnTheAir Video 4. If you can't deactivate prior to the order, indicate it in the comments, we'll organise this with you.
  • If you are using a Dongle, you will need to send us the dongle serial number that you intend to upgrade so we can send you an upgrade file for that dongle.
  • If you are using a Serial Number but want to upgrade to a dongle, it is still possible, just add a dongle to your order and tell us what Application Serial Number it should replace. We will then send you the procedure for the migration.
For more information on the activation/deactivation process or the dongles, you should have check the Help Center about our licenses available on Softron's support desk..


In OnTheAir Video 4, there is a new option available called the "Dynamic Graphics Overlay" (DGO) option. You should order it if you need to overlay dynamic graphics on top of your video. You won't need a license of OnTheAir CG if you have a license for the DGO option.

The option for Closed Captioning should be ordered as well if you need it.

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez visiter cette page web.
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