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S|80R Bundle (8xMR + 8xM|Replay on a single Dongle)
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OnTheAir CG
€ 2 495,00

OnTheAir CG is a Character Generator application that can work simultaneously with a number of different static (pictures and shapes) or animated graphics such as tickers, clocks and animated image sequences. It can be integrated with OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node or used in a standalone mode.

It can be used with either PCI video I/O card or Thunderbolt devices that support keying. Control of the application can be interactive (for example clicking on a button to start an animation) or done using secondary events in OnTheAir Video, OnTheAir Live or OnTheAir Manager playlists or schedules.

Thanks to these secondary events CG projects can be started or stopped in OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node. This means that you can start a ticker when you broadcast the news. You can also modify variables and thus modify the content of a text field (very useful for coming next for example).

The price is valid per video output. You can use the license with OnTheAir CG Designer OR OnTheAir CG Server, but not both at the same time. Click here to read more about the differences between OnTheAir CG Designer and OnTheAir CG Server, and how to use licenses.

By default, when ordering a license, you will receive a Serial Number by email that will require an activation using an internet connection. Before moving your serial number to another computer, you will need to deactivate it form the first computer. We strongly advise ordering the dongle option in cases of a critical use of the software, for example, if you need to move your license frequently from one computer to another, OR if you want to quickly move the license from the main computer to the backup in case of a hardware malfunction.

For more information on the activation/deactivation process or the dongles, you should have check the Help Center about our licenses available on the Softron Support Desk.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 February, 2008.
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