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S|4R Bundle (4xM|Replay on a single SERIAL)
S|4R Bundle (4xM|Replay on a single SERIAL)
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S|AMP (1xAMP Server + 4xOTAV on a single dongle)
€ 9 995,00

S|AMP is a bundle that includes:

  • 1x license of "AMP Server (allows you to control up to four OnTheAir Video using the AMP protocol)
  • 4x licenses of "OnTheAir Video"
  • 1x Dongle with the software licenses above (no changes or splits)
Licences can not be split!
Bundles are provided at a discounted price because we are aware that licenses used on a single computer require less support than selling individual licenses. This is the reason why licenses can not be split later on.

IMPORTANT: Dongles are shipped empty - update them on reception
In order to limit the consequence of a potential loss of a dongle, it is shipped "empty", with no licenses on it. When you receive it, make sure to update it to add the licenses you have ordered. Once you have updated it, just plug it in the computer and you are good to go; there will be no more update needed later on, except if you want to add options or licenses to the dongle.

About the shipping costs and duties
Shipping costs and duties are included for the US and EU. We are using FedEx International Priority for our shippings and you will receive a tracking number. Additional fees may apply for countries outside of US and EU. Contact us for more info on this.

For more information on the activation/deactivation process or the dongles, you should check the Help Center about our licenses available on the Softron Support Desk.

Pour plus d'informations, veuillez visiter cette page web.
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