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S|40E Bundle (4xMRE on a single SERIAL)
S|40E Bundle (4xMRE on a single SERIAL)
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M|8i Bundle (8xMR, Card, Dongle)
€ 13 950,00

The M|8i is a hardware & software bundle tailor made for Macs with PCIe slots such as the Mac Pro, or in your own Thunderbolt expansion chassis. Simply plug in the M|8i PCIe card into one of the PCIe slots of your Mac and immediately start ingesting eight HD channels or four 4K Channels (or other HD and 4K combinations possible) at a cost significantly less than other multichannel solutions.


  • 8x licenses of MovieRecorder
  • 1x Dongle with the software licenses above (no changes or splits)
  • 1x Video card with 8x configurable in/out + 1x Ref input (or Audio LTC) on Micro BNC connectors (DELTA-12G-elp-h 4c)
  • 1x High Profile Bracket (so you can place the Video card in a Mac Pro or another expansion chassis)
  • 9x BNC Female to Micro BNC (HD-BNC) Cable - 1'
The card has 8 SDI in/out connectors. 4 connectors are 3G, and 4 connectors are 12G. So the card can do maximum 8 channels of HD, but 4 channels of 4K. The card is capable of doing four channels of UHD50/60p when used in an internal PCIe slot, but if you want to use it in a Thunderbolt chassis, , you will be able to do maximum 2 channels of UHD50/60p, or 4 channels of UHD25/30p.

If you want to combine HD and 4K, note that if you use one 12G connector to receive a 4K signal, you'll have only 4 connectors available for HD. You won't be able to do one 4K and seven HD.

You can order a "Multicam Logger license" at a discounted price when ordered at the same time as the M|8i. The license will be added to the same dongle and Multicam Logger will thus have to be used on the same computer.

Serial numbers are not available with the M|8i. The price include the dongle with the 8 licences.

With the M|8i, the 8 MovieRecorder licenses are provided on a dongle (included), and can thus not be split on different computers. But if you want to run on the same computer for example a license of OnTheAir Video or OnTheAir Video Express, you can ask us to add it to the dongle. We can add up to 2 additional licenses on the dongle.

Softron's hardware and software bundles may require more time before they can ship. Depending on stock and the number of items you order the shipment can either be made the same day, or take a few weeks. If you are in a hurry, make sure to check with us the lead times before ordering.

Shipping costs are included for the US and EU, but duties costs are not included. So check with your local customs about the price of duties. We are using FedEx International Priority for our shippings and you will receive a tracking number. Additional fees may apply for countries outside of US and EU. Contact us for more info.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 November, 2022.
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