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S|80 Bundle (8 x MR on a single dongle)
S|80 Bundle (8 x MR on a single dongle)
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Softron provides a Knowledge Base which you can use 24/7/365 and a Support Desk that is monitored 18 hours daily. These are available to all Softron customers at no charge.

If you have a technical issue or question, you can generally find an answer by accessing the Knowledge Base or by checking the Product page on our website for the Softron application you are using.

If you are having an issue and cannot find an answer in our Knowledge Base, you can create a support ticket and our support team will answer your request very quickly. Please note that we will only answer support questions that pertain to our software. If you have a questions about your hardware or your video card you should contact the reseller that you purchased these from. Setup and workflow questions ought to be checked with your reseller.

Softron does provide product training or can help you build scripts or accomplish other more complex things. This is available but is not for free. There are various ways to do training - on site or on line. On site training is charged per diem and requires that the user pay for transportation and expenses. On line training is charged by the hour and is handled via the Internet and an application called Teamviewer. If you would like more detailed information about Softron's training services, please drop us a note. You can use the hourly rate as a guideline.

Before you purchase any training session, please contact us to confirm when and whether it is possible. We have a limited number of available agents available for training and the sessions must be arranged for in advance.

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