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Upg: OnTheAir CG 1 to CG 3
€ 995,00

Here is the procedure:

  • we send you a temporary serial number. (WARNING: serial numbers are not compatible with OnTheAir CG 1, so you must do the migration before ordering the upgrade and make sure that OnTheAir CG 3 answers your needs.)
  • you activate that serial number on OnTheAir CG 3 so you can start working with it.
  • you send us back your OnTheAir CG 1 dongle using a secured way (transporter as FedEx, UPS, ...). Do not use mail services, nor registered mail. Make sure that your shipment is guaranteed because if the dongle gets lost on its way to us, you will have to purchase a complete license again.
  • once we receive the OnTheAir CG dongle, if you ordered a dongle together with the upgrade, we will send you back a new dongle. If you did not order a dongle, we will send you by mail a permanent serial number.
OnTheAir CG 1 was using only dongles for its licenses, but with OnTheAir CG 3 you now have the ability to choose between serial number or dongles. When you upgrade, if you want to keep on using dongles, make sure to order one. If you do not order a dongle, you will only receive a serial number by email, and no dongle.

IMPORTANT NOTE: serial numbers can not be used with OnTheAir CG 1. So if you want to keep the ability to revert to OnTheAir CG 1, you have to order a dongle.

Serial numbers require an activation using an internet connection. Before moving your serial number to another computer, you will need to deactivate it form the first computer. We strongly advise ordering the dongle option in cases of a critical use of the software, for example, if you need to move your license frequently from one computer to another, OR if you want to quickly move the license from the main computer to the backup in case of a hardware malfunction.

For more information on the activation/deactivation process or the dongles, you should check this Knowledge Base.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 20 August, 2013.
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